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T-ATP Services

T-ATP is dedicated to serving youth from marginalized communities in the K-12 space, as well as students preparing to enter or advance in the cybersecurity workforce. Our mission is to provide these communities with comprehensive exposure to all facets of cybersecurity education.


To achieve this, T-ATP utilizes kinesthetic cohort-style learning, focusing on areas such as Web Exploitation and Forensics. This hands-on approach ensures that participants not only learn theoretical concepts but also gain practical skills essential for their future careers in cybersecurity.



In our first year, we aim to identify and train twenty participants within the T-ATP curriculum.


We aim to enhance our community partnerships by collaborating with up to ten organizations that focus on studying systemic exclusion in cybersecurity education by the end of 2025.


To build collaborative partnerships with policymakers aimed at delivering equitable cybersecurity education to all.

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